How Should you Buy Equipment for Playing Golf?

The basic pieces of equipment required for golf include a golf bag, a set of clubs, golf balls, golf shoes, and tees. An apparently high range of equipment is available and here is how you can buy the right golf equipment for playing golf:

Golf Bag

Golf Bag

When buying the right golf bag, the amount of play and ability level of the golfer must be taken into account. For those who prefer walking while playing, small bags would be the right choice. On the other hand, large bags are selected by those who require a bag that holds more equipment and travels better.


Golf Clubs

For beginner golfers, a complete set of clubs is not necessary and they must seek professional advice for selecting an inexpensive one to begin with. They could select a starter set that has a driver, a putter, 3-, 5-, 7-, 9- irons, and 3-wood. Woods are not necessarily made of wood but have a different shape than irons and offer greater distance.

Golf Balls

Golf Ball

When buying golf balls, you must know the makeup of the ball so that you select the right one. Two-piece and three-piece are the two basic categories of golf balls. The first category has a simple cover on a synthetic core while the latter one has a liquid filled or small solid rubber core, rubber thread weaving over it and then a cover. Surlyn and synthetic balata are the most popular golf ball covers. As compared to balata, Surlyn is more durable and would not cut easily. It is more preferred by beginners whereas balata is a preferable cover for experienced players as it has a higher trajectory and spins more readily.

Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

The shoes required for playing golf should be durable and comfortable. For beginner golfers, certain types of athletic shoes could also be fine however; experienced golfers would require a pair of special golf shoes. Golf shoes have spikes that offer a secure stance, right balance and traction, and free movement of the foot. This enables golfers to have a balanced and firm stance while playing even in a damp or uneven ground. These days a number of shoes are available that have soft spikes which are less damaging for the greens while offer sufficient traction for avoiding slippage. GolfEquipment.Store provides a great collection of ladies golf shoes with all accessories that required to play golf.


Golf Tees

A tee is a small peg made of plastic or wood that elevates the golf ball from the ground. For beginner golfers, an ample supply of tees in their bags is a must as there are higher chances of breakage during tee shots.


Golf Glove

Glove aids in avoiding the club from twisting or slipping from the hand. Left handed golfers use a glove in their right hands and vice versa. Though it is suggested that golfers should wear glove on their non-dominant hand as it creates a feeling of grip security while offers a better feeling while swinging the club. Golfers should only wear gloves on both hands when the weather is inclement.

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