Myths and Facts about Pressure Cookers

Many people have been evading the use of pressure cookers due to the widespread myths surrounding them. It has been a general belief that pressure cookers are not only unsafe to use but the food cooked in them is also not safe to eat. Here we present the myths and facts related to pressure cookers so that you may decide yourself whether a pressure cooker is useful for you or not.

This is a common belief that when food is cooked in the pressure cooker there are chances of losing vitamins and nutrients. This is not true while cooking food in the cooker. In the cooker, when temperature rises, so does the pressure inside the cooker and this cooks the food faster. If you cook the food openly with high heat for the longer time, naturally this will leak all vitamins or nutrients out. In the pressure cooker, there is pressure inside the cooker which simultaneously cooks the food and does not evaporate the nutrients of the food. If you are willing to buy the best pressure cooker, Choose Pressure Cooker can be a great help and you can even read the reviews for various pressure cookers.

A cooker is energy efficient; it takes less energy in the pressure cooker to cook as steam does not escape out. It is generally estimated that pressure cookers use one third of the time and energy required for cooking as compared to other conventional cooking methods. Moreover, it uses lesser water to cook and you may put a meal for the family in much lesser time. Even the spices and flavors used while cooking in a pressure cooker are used in a lesser quantity as pressure cooking enhances the flavors and using more of the spices would make the food taste stronger. Simultaneously, speed is the most important thing that’s why people want to use it. In meal preparation for the family, saving time is important for all of us. These pressure cookers save more than 70% of our time while we are cooking in the healthiest way.

Another myth related to pressure cookers is about their use being unsafe in terms of the cooker being exploded. Modern pressure cookers come equipped with a number of safety features which ensures that the pressure cookers are extremely safe to use. 

How to care for your hand blender

Hand blenders are very convenient to have in the kitchen. They provide their utility in so many of the kitchen tasks which would otherwise take a lot of your time and energy to complete. From pureeing hot soups right in the sauce pan to making frozen drinks like smoothies and milkshakes, you can name a lot of recipes that involve the use of a hand blender. Many people prefer hand blenders over countertop blender because of their convenience in cleaning. All you have to do is remove the detachable shaft and clean it with hand or using a dishwasher if it is dishwasher safe. Every appliance needs proper handling in order to perform up to standard and live up to its average life or more. Hand blenders also require some care from your end to keep performing to the fullest. Here are some things you need to keep in mind in order to increase the life of your hand blender:

  1. Read the instruction manual carefully and follow all the rules regarding operation and cleaning of the blender.
  2. Do not immerse the blender to deep in the liquid that you are blending; the motor body should stay a safe distance above the level of liquid.
  3. Make sure the mixture you are blending does not have any fruit pits or bones since they will harm the blades as well as the motor.

Countertop blenders are another type of blending tools which are also very useful to have in your kitchen. Best blender on the market will save your time and efforts in performing even the toughest blending tasks. Here you can find more information on best blender reviews for you to find the right countertop blender.

How to Clean A Blender?

  1. It is important that you clean it properly after every use.
  2. To clean it, first unplug it to prevent yourself from any electric shocks.
  3. Before cleaning, remove the detachable blending shaft or any other attachment which you have used.
  4. Clean the shaft with warm water and some mild detergent. Make sure you remove the entire food residue from the blades. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Clean it immediately after use, so that the food does not stick to it. In case you did not clean it immediately and want to remove dried food from it, make a mixture of vinegar and water in a bowl in the ratio 1:1 and blend it for a couple of seconds using your hand blender.
  6. If the shaft and the attachments are dishwasher safe, you can wash them in the dishwasher but make sure you place them in the top rack only. Bottom rack has a lot of heat coming in which can harm the shaft and the blending jug.
  7. Do not immerse the motor body in water. To clean it, you can wipe with a damp cloth and then dry it with a clean, dry cloth. You can wipe with a mild detergent to remove stains.

By following these tips you will ensure that your hand blender performs up to mark for many years to come. You will not have to waste time and money on buying a new hand blender at least for a couple of years.

3 Best Rated Ninja Food Processors of All Time

Food processors are very useful appliances to have in a kitchen. They save much of your time in the kitchen by performing most of the food preparation tasks for you. It can slice vegetables, grind meat, puree baby food, grate cheese and much more in a matter of seconds. Some are even strong enough to knead dough. A wide variety of these food processor are available in the market. 

Ninja is among one of the reputable manufacturers of food processor which produces high quality products. We have put together a list of best 3 Ninja Food processors of all times to help you select the best one for your kitchen. For more latest reviews, check out

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (Blender, Processor, Nutri Ninja Cups) BL770

  1.       It includes a 72 oz blender with ice crushing capabilities for making frozen drinks.
  2.       It also includes 2 Nutri Ninja cups with lids to make personal sized drinks.
  3.       Food processor bowl with 8 cup capacity which includes a chopping blade and a dough blade for kneading dough.
  4.       The attachments are all dishwasher safe and made from BPA-free plastic.
  5.       The motor is 1500 watts.
  6.       The product features a limited 1 year warranty.

Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo (Processor, Nutri Ninja Cups) NN102

  1.       4 cup food processor bowl for chopping, kneading, and pureeing.
  2.       2 Nutri Ninja cups are available for making personal sized frozen drinks.
  3.       It features Auto-iQ technology with preprogrammed settings for blending and chopping.
  4.       1200 watts strong motor makes processing hard foods an easy task.
  5.       All the parts and attachments are dishwasher safe and BPA-free.
  6.       Limited lifetime warranty is available with the product.

Nutri Ninja|Ninja Blender Duo System with Auto-iQ with Nutri Ninja Cups (BL682)

  1.    72 oz blending jar is available for making frozen drinks with ice crushing capabilities.
  2.    8 cup food processor bowl for chopping and kneading dough.
  3.    With Auto-IQ technology, pre programmed settings are available for different processing tasks.
  4.    3 Nutri Ninja cups with lids are available for making personal portions of frozen drinks.
  5.    1500 watts strong motor makes all kind of processing tasks easy for the appliance.
  6.    1 year limited warranty is available with the product.

If you are looking for baby food processors, Baby Food Processor – Buyer’s Guide will help you choose the best product for your kitchen.

Best 3 Waist Trainers every woman should try

Waist trainers are increasingly becoming popular among women after celebrities starting wearing them for hourglass shape and postpartum recovery. Many companies have started manufacturing them and many different varieties are available in the market which makes your choice a tough one.

Here is a list of the best 3 waist trainers every woman should try:

MIRANCO Women’s Hot Sweat Slimming Neoprene Shirt Vest Body Shapers

The material is 70% Neoprene, 15% Polyester and 15% Nylon. It is easy to put on and comes with a no-zipper design. The product enhances sweating by amplifying the body temperature to promote weight loss.  Sweat absorbing capabilities ensures that your skin is dry at all times and free from odors. It takes a few inches off your waist instantly while being comfortable to wear. It also promotes permanent weight loss if worn during exercise by promoting sweat around the abdomen.

Lady Slim Colombian Latex Waist Cincher Waist Trainer Trimmer Long Torso with 3 Hook Rows

This Colombian made durable, Latex waist trainer gives you an hourglass shape as soon as you put it on by taking a few inches off your waist. Flexible boning gives structure to the garment and support to your abdominal area. 3 hook-and-eye closure allows easy size adjustment. The product is a great choice for people looking for back support and posture improvement and also those who want to lose weight. The Latex layer promotes sweating especially if worn during workout to make weight loss faster while the inner layer absorbs the sweat to keep your skin dry. It easily conceals under clothing so that you can wear it under your dresses. You can also find more information regarding best waist trainer reviews online.

I EN FR Women Waist Training Cincher Underbust Corset Body Shaper Waist Trainer

The product is constructed with breathable fabric suitable to be worn in any weather condition. It is comfortable to wear and easily conceals under your clothing. It helps give a more feminine shape to your body in addition to improving your posture. Women looking for postpartum recovery will also find this garment a great help to achieve their goal.

How Should you Buy Equipment for Playing Golf?

The basic pieces of equipment required for golf include a golf bag, a set of clubs, golf balls, golf shoes, and tees. An apparently high range of equipment is available and here is how you can buy the right golf equipment for playing golf:

Golf Bag

Golf Bag

When buying the right golf bag, the amount of play and ability level of the golfer must be taken into account. For those who prefer walking while playing, small bags would be the right choice. On the other hand, large bags are selected by those who require a bag that holds more equipment and travels better.


Golf Clubs

For beginner golfers, a complete set of clubs is not necessary and they must seek professional advice for selecting an inexpensive one to begin with. They could select a starter set that has a driver, a putter, 3-, 5-, 7-, 9- irons, and 3-wood. Woods are not necessarily made of wood but have a different shape than irons and offer greater distance.

Golf Balls

Golf Ball

When buying golf balls, you must know the makeup of the ball so that you select the right one. Two-piece and three-piece are the two basic categories of golf balls. The first category has a simple cover on a synthetic core while the latter one has a liquid filled or small solid rubber core, rubber thread weaving over it and then a cover. Surlyn and synthetic balata are the most popular golf ball covers. As compared to balata, Surlyn is more durable and would not cut easily. It is more preferred by beginners whereas balata is a preferable cover for experienced players as it has a higher trajectory and spins more readily.

Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

The shoes required for playing golf should be durable and comfortable. For beginner golfers, certain types of athletic shoes could also be fine however; experienced golfers would require a pair of special golf shoes. Golf shoes have spikes that offer a secure stance, right balance and traction, and free movement of the foot. This enables golfers to have a balanced and firm stance while playing even in a damp or uneven ground. These days a number of shoes are available that have soft spikes which are less damaging for the greens while offer sufficient traction for avoiding slippage. GolfEquipment.Store provides a great collection of ladies golf shoes with all accessories that required to play golf.


Golf Tees

A tee is a small peg made of plastic or wood that elevates the golf ball from the ground. For beginner golfers, an ample supply of tees in their bags is a must as there are higher chances of breakage during tee shots.


Golf Glove

Glove aids in avoiding the club from twisting or slipping from the hand. Left handed golfers use a glove in their right hands and vice versa. Though it is suggested that golfers should wear glove on their non-dominant hand as it creates a feeling of grip security while offers a better feeling while swinging the club. Golfers should only wear gloves on both hands when the weather is inclement.